Casing features

Realizzato rigorosamente secondo le norme Europee UNI EN 1886

The CA air handling unit series has a casing with load-bearing frame and sandwich housing panels. The structure and their components support is achieved with:

  • From size 012 to 098 with 100 mm feet made of die cast aluminium.
  • From size 120 to 294 with base H 100 mm made of galvanised sheet assembled with proper die cast aluminium corners, arranged with holes to facilitate the unit lifting.
  • From size 362 to 716 with base H 140 mm made of galvanised sheet assembled with proper galvanised sheet corners, arranged with holes to facilitate the unit lifting

NB: For units provided with nozzles humidification the base height is always 380 mm with various types according to the size

Load-bearing framework made of anticorodal aluminium alloy extruded profiles, assembled with aluminium corner or nylon joints ensuring a perfect squaring.
Sandwich panels with two thicknesses: 25 or 46 mm with thermo-insulating material innerlayer: the standard is injected polyurethane 45 kg/m³, or mineral wool upon request 90 kg/m³.
Panels are fixed to the structure with steel screws located inside nylon bushes with
a cap to avoid the external contact. A PVC gasket, interlaid between panel
and frame, ensures a perfect airtightness.

  • Thermo-insulating and sound-proofing internal and external sheets:
  • Galvanised steel
  • RAL 5012 blue plastified galvanised sheet
  • Peralluman
  • AISI 304 stainless steel sheet

Telaio stondato con gradino ecc. per versione clean
Inspection doors are provided with nylon hinges and handles. Doors in areas under pressure have the opening towards the inside for safety and self-tightness reasons. The door scan be provided with bull’s eye. All the doors accessing a section containing moving or dangerous components are provided with delayed opening microswitch.

Roof, in case of installation outdoors, a flat roof in sheet plastic is provided as standard or at request in aluminium or stainless steel.