Filtration section

Synthetic and metallic cell filter

85% gravimetric G4 efficiency, with synthetic pleated regenerable media with wide filtering surface, 48 mm cell thickness. Cells are fit into U rails up to CA 294 size and with counter-frame provided with fixation springs for upper sizes.
Upon request metallic G2 cells, 70% efficiency.


Roll filter

Efficiency 85% gravimetric G3, with automatic unwinding.
The filter is supplied complete with electric gear motor 240V-50Hz, differential pressure switch for the filter
exhaust warning and media progress, limit switch microswitch warning the filter exhaust, control electric


Bag pre-filters - Soft and/or rigid bag filters

Bag pre-filters
Efficiency 92% gravimetric G4 made of synthetic filtering material, bag length of 350 mm. Bags are fit in counter frames and/or U-rails.
Soft and/or rigid bag filters
Polyhedron rigid bag filter made of folded glass fibre paper EN 779 classes, efficiency 95%, colorimetric F9. Length 292 mm, assembly on frame with gasket and clamp for front extraction. In particular cases, where overall sizes have to be reduced, these filter can also be installed in U-rails for side extraction.


Absolute filters

The type of absolute filter considered is the “high airflow rate” one. Polyhedron type absolute filter with small folds EN 1822-H13 class, 292 mm length. Filtering medium made of glass fibre pleats, thermoplastic sealant, assembly on frame with elastomer gasket and eyebolts for front extraction.


Active carbon filter

Active carbon filter with cylindrical cartridges with micro-stretched steel mesh and sealing gasket assembled on painted sheet frame for front extraction, 470 mm length.