Air inlet, recirculation and exhaust section

General technical features
Note: fans, coils and heat exchangers performance as well as pressure drops of each component are not
included in the following tables as they can be calculated according to the operating conditions with the selection software (available upon request).


Dampers are supplied upon request on suction inlets, on heat recovery section, for mixing rooms and three dampers groups, and they have aluminium frame and aerofoil blades. The movement is ensured by nylon gears. Upon request it can be equipped with gasket on fins and with servo control. Grids
A grid can be fit to the external air intake, to serve as weatherproof protection. The grid is made of aluminiumsheet as standard.

Air inlet

The air inlet can be foreseen on the front wall over the whole section or with reduced section, on the side, upper or lower. It can be provided with flange, damper and/or flexible connections, rain-proof grid.

Mixing chamber

Envisaged with different opening positions, it is provided with unit external or internal dampers and they can be provided with flexible connections as option.

Three dampers group

For in line or superposed flows configuration. It is provided with dampers and with flexible connections as option.

Flexible connection

The unit outlet can be provided with flexible connections, with the function to avoid the transmission of vibrations to ducts. These flexible connections are made of two aluminium sheet frames assembled with square elements and self-extinguishing canvas treated not to deteriorate.