Accessories upon request

Internal lighting

24 V lamps housed inside glass lamp-holders with protection grid. The lighting system is normally arranged for the filter, humidification and fan sections. The arrangement can be only for components, or electrically cabled.

External switch


Drives protection guard

Intrusion grid

installed just downstream the fan section inspection door.

Bull’s eye

crossing the various filtering barriers

Electrical cabling

of lighting points according to legal regulations.

Flat or sloped covering roof

(sloped upon request), made of plastified sheet metal aluminium (stainless steel upon request).

Manometers – Pressure switches

IP20 or IP54 Inverter

provided with disturbance filter. (Upon request installed inside air handling units)

Circuit breaker for the fans immediate stop

In vertical units you can place the air distribution plenum with double row outlets for air distribution.

Sound-proof fan section

provided with mineral wool isolating panels, minimum density of 90 kg/m3 and internal perforated sheet metal. Upon request we can provided other types of soundproofing.

NB: upon request Cityair can provide air handling units complete with adjustments and instrumentation onboard the machine, for the correct operation and achievement of design performances (address to our Technical Department).